Monday, 3 October 2011

Watch Rowdy Rathore (2011) online free

The Bollywood’s all time action savvy superstar, Akshay Kumar has also decided to take the latest hit recipe, the bad police officer story.

Akki, famous for his cop roles finds Rowdy Rathore movie quite a made for him thing. With Prabhu Deva in the director’s hat and the Dabanng girl Sonakshi Sinha to his side, Akshay Kumar expects nothing less than a superhit. Remake of Telugu film Vikramarkudu, Rowdy Rathore’s story has Akki in double roles.

Rowdy (Akshay Kumar) does some pranks day long and pulls on his life when one day he gets a shock of his life, a girl comes to him and claims to be his daughter.

Rowdy finds more about the girl and comes to know about a more stunning revelation, he has a twin brother, IPS Police officer Vikram Singh Rathore (also Akshay Kumar). Well this might seem a bit 70’s kind of mela-twin lost-mela story, but thankfully the script makes sure that you are in for surprises.

Soon after the two have their meeting, the twist comes to the story. Vikram Rathore as part of his duty has to tame a lot of gangsters some of which decides to take revenge. They murder him while Rowdy helplessly watches it. But Rowdy enters the shoes of Vikram, both at the police force and at his home. Rowdy bays for the blood for Vikram’s murderers and finally gets them. 

The release date for Rowdy Rathore movie is expected to be June 15, 2012.

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